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SLAG (Storage Level Access Guard) & ONTAP 9

Just a quick question I hope.  I am migrating an older ONTAP 8.2 (7-mode)  filer.  I believe it had SLAG enabled on a UNIX volume primarily to enable CIFS auditing.

This SLAG setup may have been present when the filer was initially at 7.x levels, but that is a guess and before my time.


I suspect that at ONTAP  9.x  SLAG is not required for auditing.  When I searched the CIFS and NFS Auditing guide for SLAG I found no references to SLAG.


So am I correct in believing that SLAG is nolonger required for UNIX (NFS) auditing because of the nfsv4  acls be available now ? 


I would ideally like to simplify the auditing and remove the SLAG if its not needed for enabling auditing anymore.


Rgds AndyP


Re: SLAG (Storage Level Access Guard) & ONTAP 9



Thank you for contacting NetApp communities, yes you are right SLAG is no longer needed NFS auditing.


Please check the documentation for more information :-





Re: SLAG (Storage Level Access Guard) & ONTAP 9

Thanks for the response,  it confirms what I thought I was reading in the guides.   I have been unpicking an old filer and trying to

make sense of the configuration.


Just for clarity can you confirm in the new environment ONTAP 9.1 P1  the volume is : /vol/volname  security = UNIX

it is  exposed to clients via NFS exports And CIFS Shares.


So if I add suitable NFSv4 ACL to the volume.  I should get audit events  when the share is access from either

NFS or CIFS protocals.   Is that correct ?


Rgds AndyP



Re: SLAG (Storage Level Access Guard) & ONTAP 9

Yes that's right