SM SAP and DFM issues

Hi guys,

I am working on Netapp filers, DFM (OM and PMs) and SM SAP. I am new in this organization so no idea how these components are integrated or configured.

So I need quick help on few issues:

1. SnapVault Relationship Delete Failed
    The backup relationship between filer1:/data1 and filer2:/data1 is no longer present. Reason: SNAPSHOT (Is volume out of Snapshot copies?)

2. Dataset Backup : failed
    A backup from node Primary data to node Backup of dataset smsap_xxxx failed. Please refer to job 123456 for more details. 
   Error message : filer1:Failed to create snapshot on filer1:/root: SNAPSHOT (Is volume out of Snapshot copies?)

3. Root volumes:Could not create snapshot for volume filer2:/root (574). Reason: HTTP POST - failed, status code = 507

4. Lots of datasets lags errors in DFM?

5. I also see snapvaults are failing and showing network error message in log file. What command (netstat or ifstat) is useful in diagnosing this error? If there is any other command, please let me know.

I couldn´t find much error details in logs. Can anyone tell me what are these errors? and How can start fixing them?

Thanks in advance.

SM SAP and DFM issues

Hi Sunil,

The first step is to review the SMSAP Best Practices, which covers the integration between SMSAP, SDU, OM/PM.

You should also review the best practices for SAP on NetApp.  Those documents are based on the database, operating system and protocol you are using, for example UNIX/Oracle/NFS or UNIX/Oracle/FCP. These will help you verify that your storage layout will work with SMSAP.

Once you have verified this configuration, you may need to open a case to determine why the protection is not working.