SM4SQL 5.1 General Question on WK3 Cluster

Dear Community's Members

I must manage many SnapShot per day (*24) for each Instance (8 per Server).

As I'm in Cluster Mode each Instance is hosted by his Virtual server, and by disgn the Virtual Server and Instance can move thought all Cluster Members.

I try to sart simultamously 2 SMSQL new backup, The first one is ok the second one failled due to there is another SMSQL process in progress retart your backup after the conclusion of the fisrt one.

  • Do you know if it's possible to start more than Instance Backup
  • It'is possible to request all instance SnapShot with one commande line Job launcher with a queuing strategy.



Re: SM4SQL 5.1 General Question on WK3 Cluster

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