SME & Exchange 2010 DAG question

So here is our future scenario:

2 physical locations, each one with exchnage 2010 and DAG, so each location will have active DB  locally at their site and passive at the other site.

SME and Single Mailbox recovery will be only at ONE site. So because of this it will take snapshot of one active and one passive DB.

Will it be possible to recover emails, folders from snaps taken on passive DB back to active that will be hosted in another location?

Re: SME & Exchange 2010 DAG question

Any ideas on that?

Re: SME & Exchange 2010 DAG question


Are you able to access the snapshots on either location from the other? To first use SMR you must mount with SD the LUNs contained in the snapshots that SMEX does. So if you can access that data, I believe you will be able to use SMR.