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SME disruptive configuration?


Already a customer have the right layout for SME (databaases and logs in separately luns)

Environment is Exchange 2010 with DAG and circular logging

I install SME and need run configuration wizard.

Although DB and log are in right place, exists a dismount and mount operation for all DB?

Circular logging is also disabled?

SME disruptive configuration?


SME Config Wizard will disable Circular logging.

The Databases won't be dismounted if they reside on a valid NetApp LUN layout.



SME disruptive configuration?

If I have a 2 Server DAG, should i put both Server Database LUNs in one volume, and the Log LUNs in another volume, for best Dedup without running into a potential 'busy' snapshot copy problem (discribed in section 5.2 on TR-3824).  How is your Lun to Volume layout, if you dont mind me asking?

For SQL I have only 1:1 volume to LUN ratio (user database, system database, snapinfo, logs, & temp) per Server.

Best Practice

NetApp recommends separating database and transaction logs from different servers into separate volumes to prevent a potential "busy" Snapshot copy problem. Because there are separate volumes for each server, there is no need for concern regarding Snapshot schedules overlapping each other for different servers.