SME5.0 Backup failed


Exchange 2k3 in VM on vSphere with SD6.2 and SME5.0. After some days without problems we now stop with the following error:

Rename {34d9900b-57cb-4532-8a03-b0b53fdf15d7} to exchsnap__SRV-XCH1__recent failed. Error: 0xc0041389

IMO its a problem between SD and our NetApp.

Any ideas?


Re: SME5.0 Backup failed


Do you have pass-through RDM disks by any chance? If yes then just try creating a mailbox database on a regular iSCSI disk and check if the problem persists.



Re: SME5.0 Backup failed


looked through you logs, and seems you got mismatch between stored logs files in SnapInfo and Snapshots available on Storage System, though your SnapInfo-Drive is tried to be reinitiated ([10:34:54.867]  Warning: Invalid SnapInfo folder renamed toSmiley Happy.

I don´t think this is a connection / mapping issue, looks like SnapShots were delete via FilerView/Console and not through SMEXCH GUI.

If possible, try to delete all SnapShots on Filer + SnapInfo-Drive itself.

Then got through Setup-Wizard and define the new SnapInfo Drive, then by starting a new "clean" backup-cycle, things should work.

Hope this helps,