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SMO not allow deleting old log files.

Hi all,

I am a little new using SMO software, and I found it very usefull in regards of Oracle databases plus snapshots backups. But I saw that these software is not deleting the old log files after it was backup. Is there any documentation, or someone could guide me how to do it?..I know how to do it by RMAN, but its functionalities just backup the databases, it doesn't take snapshots, neither backup them.

Some idea?

Thank you.


Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.


We are glad that you are using SnapManager for Oracle and find it very useful for managing your databases.

SnapManager for Oracle is a backup, recovery and cloning tool for Oracle databases running on NetApp storage systems. Please refer to my response in the following thread for a brief overview of SnapManager for Oracle:

For a better understanding of the capabilities, functionalities and best practices of SnapManager for Oracle, please refer to the SnapManager 2.2 for Oracle Best Practices Guide:

To answer your specific question:

Although, SnapManager for Oracle always creates a Snapshot copy of your archive logs, it does not manage nor restore them. SnapManager for Oracle uses the archive logs in the backup only to clone from an online backup. So SnapManager will not delete the archive logs for you. You need to manage your archive log destination area using scripts or other tools.

If you need to restore a SnapManager backup and are missing some archive logs, then you need to mount the SnapManager backup (check the SnapManager 2.2 for Oracle Installation and Administration Guide for instructions) and manually copy the necessary archive logs from the backup to the original archive destination and then kick off the restore and recovery process using SnapManager for Oracle.

Hope this clarifies your question.


Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.

Thank you for your help.

I will be reviewing the documentation.

I hope I could count on you if I have some doubts on this issue.

Thank you.

Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.

Hi, Is there a way to skip backing up archive logs during SMO backup process ? We would like to maintain archive logs manually.

Thank you,

Madhu Ayanala

Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.

Hi Madhu,

SnapManager will always create a Snapshot copy of the archive logs during a backup as the logs are required to create a Clone from the backup.

But, you can exclude them from consideration for backup with SnapManager. The smo.config file enables you to exclude certain archive log files. The file is located in:

/opt/NTAP/smo/properties/smo.config (Solaris)

/opt/NetApp/smo/properties/smo.config (for all other platforms)

Follow the format suggested within the file to exclude the local archive logs.

Again, please be aware that doing this will cause SnapManager Clone operations to fail.


Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.

I have a similar porblem, but my problem is, I cannot create a Profile for the Database because it looks as though that operation does not look at the excluded files in the smo.config file, so we had to recreate the control file to eliminate any reference to the old archive logs, in this case they are on non-netapp storage. but the backup does look at the exclude parameter in the smo.config file.  Have you had this same problem

Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.

Try this document, it shows how you can delete the archive logs by using the CLI;

Re: SMO not allow deleting old log files.

My problem is how do you control the number of the Total number of operations? This command "smo operation list -profile PRODHOURLY" lists all the operation associated with that profile including very old operations. I am very interested to know if there is away to control the number of this list?