I'm looking for a way to automate the restore of databases for my support and development users from SQL backups created with SMSQL.

Currently I have SMSQL creating a weekly full backup, and TLog backups every 4 hours every day. The volumes that are snapshotted are SnapMirrored to a SAN at my HQ location. From this second SAN, I would like a VB.Net app I wrote to gather the list of full backups, tlog backups, and databases contained in these backups. From this list, a user should be able to select a database to restore, which I would then request the local SMSQL to attach to our local test SQL server.

I have all the appropriate licenses for SMSQL, etc. I just want to know if there is a way to gather this data within a .Net app, and then command SMSQL to restore based on the criteria I've given it.


Have you tried SMSQL PowerShell cmdlets? SMSP is using SMSQL Powershell cmdlets to do the similar things.