SMSQL Backup and mirror or replicated databases


I haven't find any documentation about best practice around mirrored or replicated database, if it is possible or not and if anyone hase clearer view from experience :

- Can SMSQL work with mirrored databases ? How we can backup it up ? Does the backup status is mirrored too ? IT seems that the mirror database is in recovering mode and cannot be accessed directly.

- Can SMSQL work with replication like transaction log replication ? Does the log truncation is replicated too ? Or the 2 databases are independant from a backup point of view ?

- In the other replication mode (merge, snapshot) is it possible to work with SMSQL ? It seems that the suscribers database are read-only ?

Mirrorring technology :

Types of replication :


Re: SMSQL Backup and mirror or replicated databases

Why would you want to back up the mirrored database?  Why not backup the primary with SMSQL?

Is the primary on non-NetApp storage?