SMSQL Multiple Snapmirror destinations and cloning

I am looking for some help setting up a process to snapmirror from production to 2 locations - Development and DR. We would like to then clone on both the Development and DR destinations. Right now we use SQL Snapmanager to clone on the production filer and the DR filer. This process works great. The problem starts when you add the second development filer into the snapmirror equation. The cloning process looks at the wrong filer when doing the cloning. So if I on I am on my DR SQL server and trying to clone it seems to look at the Development Filer for luns to mount. If I am on my Dev SQL server it seems to look at the DR filer for luns to mount. Support has indicated that Protection Manager will be able to solve this problem but I cant seem to get it to work.

Any one dealt with a similar situation?

We are using SQL 2008, Snapmanager 5.2R1 and Snapdrive 6.3.1R1.

Thanks in advance


Re: SMSQL Multiple Snapmirror destinations and cloning

Hi Dave, how are the snap mirrors currency setup? Are DR and Dev cascading from one another? Or using the production as the source?