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SMSQL: Verification jobs don't check archived "standard" backup


IHAC who has some SQLServer DB (on VMs) backed up by SMSQL (last version). These backups are archived through snapvault relationships integrated in Protection Manager.

Backups are running well and 3 times a day, some verification jobs on another server are used to verify the archived backups.

It worked well until last week. For some unknown reason,now, the verification jobs don't find the standard (or hourly) backup anymore and don"t check anything.

I looked at the jobs syntax: it's OK and it worked well until last week...

When using the wizard, it's OK: the archived backups are found and checked. So there's no communication issue with the Protection Manager server.

If a daily check fails, then the following hourly check works.

If the daily check works, then the followinghourly check fails.

If anyone has an idea, feel free to comment.

Best regards



Re: SMSQL: Verification jobs don't check archived "standard" backup

I must add the following info:

When checking the local "backup", it works.


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