SMSQL and Windows Cluster

Dear Community's Members

I would like create a backup strategy for 8 SQL instance on SQL2K5 & 2k8.

I have two ckusters with 3 nodes.

My wishes,

     Baclup more than one Instance in the same time on each node.


     indicate to SMSQL waitting for bacup in procress


     modify the time out



Re: SMSQL and Windows Cluster

Hi Christopher ,

I understand that you want to backup databases on multiple instances of SQL Server simultaneously. If you are using NetApp storage then this operation is possible by using a software from NetApp called Snapmanager for SQL Server. SnapManager for SQL Server popularly called as SMSQL provides rapid online backup and near instantaneous restoration of databases by using online Snapshot technology which is part of the Data ONTAP software.

Capabilities provided by SMSQL 5.1:-

* Configuration wizard helps in migrating databases and transaction logs to LUNs or VMDKs on Netapp storage system from local file system.

* Backup Wizard is used to backup databases and transaction logs from LUNs or VMDKs on Netapp storage system.It also performs consistency checks (DBCC CHECKDB) before and after a backup is taken.

* Restoration Wizard is used to restore databases and transaction logs from SnapManager backup sets that had been previously created.

* Clone Wizard is used to clone database from an existing backup set or an active production database.It can also clone a database on a snap mirror destination volume. It can also perform deletion of cloned database.



Re: SMSQL and Windows Cluster

Hi Abhishek,

Tank you for your post, I'm aware with you concerning the capabilities provided by SMSQL.

I'm currently using SMSQL (1 cluster, 3 nodes, 8 SQL servers, 1 Intsance per SQL server) but:

If I have a look in the log off SMSQL (80% of Backup duration SMSQL does something else than SnapShots)

I must have a Full Backup of each Instance every 4 hours and a transaction log every hour.

If all my Instances are balanced on the 3 nodes it's possible to schedule the backup (using a lock mechanism)

however if all the instances are hosted by an unique Node it's not possible to generate 8 Full Backup and The Transaction log.

My Questions

how reduce the non backup phases of SMSQL

How to increase the time out in case of multiple SMSQL Backup in the same Time

It'is possible to remove the Single SMSQL task limitation


Re: SMSQL and Windows Cluster

Hi Christophe,

There are many housing keeping works to do besides creating snapshot during SMSQL backup. We are working on improving performance by reducing the period when SMSQL is not doing snapshot. Understand you want to backup 3 clustered instances at the same time, that would require different approach to address the issue. However if you could share your backup log, we could take a look to see if it is known issue or not.


Re: SMSQL and Windows Cluster


Your response suggests that it is possible to backup, using SMSQL, multiple instances simultaneously.

Does I well understood?

Errors encountered:
If two backups are made on the same node at the same time, I automatically give:

For Second Instance part of log:

SnapManager server is busy, please wait
Re-Trying 10s Later
Error Code: 0xc0040817

For the first No issue:

Command line used:

smsqljoblauncher.exe new-backup -srv 'SERVER01' -d 'SERVER01\INST01', '0' -RetainBackupDays 3 -lb -bksif -RetaineSnapof SnapInfo 8 -trlog -mgmt standard -ArchiveBackup -ArchiveBackpRetention daily