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SMSQL backups with SQL backups...

Is it possible to configure SMSQL to backup the SQL database and logs during the day, yet use SQL to backup the DB every evening for archive purposes?

My concern would be to have two backup policies interfering with truncating the logs.

Could the two be configured to work together.  customer would rather have the backup be in native SQL backup format for archive tape purposes, yet use SMSQL for the daily disk backups.


Re: SMSQL backups with SQL backups...


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We snapmirror to a 2nd site then mount the snaps as flexclones on a Windows server with a backup application installed.  Then just copy the files to tape without having to worry about open files.

Works for us


Re: SMSQL backups with SQL backups...

You could use the WITH COPY_ONLY  clause that became available in SQL 2005.


This will allow for a backup but WILL NOT move the LSN.  This also works for Transaction logs, too.


Re: SMSQL backups with SQL backups...

Yes this is possible to do both mssql copy only backups (they mssql backups MUST be copy only) and snapshots but there are  some limitations with doing this

1) you must not overlap mssql copy_only backups with a snap manager task as this will cause snapmanager to wait and will attempt to load the snaps into memory (i presume its loading the snaps into memory as process uses as much memory as it can)

2) if you do not take copy_only backups this will cause the LSN chain issues with the databases concerned

3) if you have multiple mssql instances you can only run one instance of snapdrive at anyone time (a limitation of the snapmanager product) so scheduling is difficult

4) taking snapshots from snap manager for sql scheduled jobs works just fine until a database is added to mssql server and snapmanager cannot add it to the job so you MUST script out the backups and run them from sql server or delete the job and re schedule the snap job.the issue here is that if the snaps fail the mssql job is successful but the snapshot is not in a consistant state but mssql reports successful job .

(i hate running .exes from mssql but there is little option)

Please let me know if you need further details