SMTape of large volumes

Is it possible to seed a snapmirror via tape of a very large volume, i.e.: one that would require spanning of multiple tapes or is single-tape only supported?

Re: SMTape of large volumes

It spans...are you using backup software to automate or manually changing tapes?  I haven't seen a stacker type jukebox in some time so will likely have to manually load and unload media if not automated with ndmp software backing up using smtape instead of dump.

Re: SMTape of large volumes

Thanks! I just found the command "smtape continue" for exactly this purpose in the Commands Reference Manual.

To answer your question, we were hoping to use only built-in software and change tapes manually.

I originally thought that it wouldn't span due to reading a previous post by you, but now that I've re-read it, it doesn't even apply.