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SMVI 2.0 failed to retrieve backuplist

Hi Guys

Using SFRS, When I load the config file, it gives me servername after clicking OK it gives me this error "smvi failed to retrieve backuplist" and thats it.

any idea how to tackle this issue?

thanks for your help in advance



Re: SMVI 2.0 failed to retrieve backuplist


Here are couple of things to check:

1. Make sure the SFR session you created is still active and not expired. You can check it from Restore GUI page.

2. Check and adjust firewall rules on your SMVI server machine to allow incoming connections on port# 8043.

Did you try a Limited Self-Service instead of a self serivce.  you should also check if there aresnapshots from an old set of LUNS. So you could try and remove the older LUNs.