SMVI Backup Error - EventID 4096

Should I be worried about the following error that is always logged, when an SMVI backup job runs.

498434318 [backup3 aeeb587fadf8f8a37a5dc2860ff21c46] ERROR com.netapp.smvi.task.ontap.util.SnapshotUtil - Could not find current snapshot name smvi_Hourly-Snapshot_novmsnap_20111115213000 or original snapshot name smvi_Hourly-Snapshot_novmsnap_20111115213000 for volume

The error will be logged multiple times for different volumes in the job.

It seems that it is losing track of all it snapshots or something. The backups themselves appear to work ok.

Re: SMVI Backup Error - EventID 4096

The Netapp has the "Automatically delete older snapshots option" enabled. Is this perhaps deleting the older ones? Should that option be enabled or disabled when using SMVI?

Re: SMVI Backup Error - EventID 4096

The automatically delete older snapshots will be done by the SMVI as per the retention.


Re: SMVI Backup Error - EventID 4096


This issue is caused due to either of the following reasons:

  • Domain Name System (DNS) lookup problems
  • Duplicate IP address on the network related to storage controllers


To resolve this issue, ensure that:
  • Storage controllers have unique IP addresses
    • If there is another device on the network or in the DNS arcitecture that has the same IP address, it can cause this issue.
  • Forward and reverse DNS lookups are functioning properly and consistently
    • ping by hostname to see what IP is returned
    • ping -a by ip address to see what hostname is returned
    • Confirm that there are no incorrect or conflicting PTR or A records containing either the storage controller hostname or IP address.

Hope this helps...

Best Regards,

Bhanoji Rao.