SMVI CLI & Environement variables

Dear Community members,

I would like use in pre-post backup script (perl). used an environement variable.

I set in a script (perl or cmd) an environement variable.

I run my smvi command with -script myscript.

My pre/post script is running however in my pre/post backup script the seted environement variable is not set.

do you have a solution?

Re: SMVI CLI & Environement variables

Some questions

1) Are you able to run the script in cli successfully?

2) Are you using environment variables as recommended in TR 3737?



Re: SMVI CLI & Environement variables

Dear Amrita,

Yes I'm able to run smvi in cli

Yes I read this famous TR

But, I must use other ENV, for PM script after the SnapShot.

script (1)

SET MyVar=MyData

SMVI ..... -scripts or post.script.cmd

OK the script was running

But in my script

MyVAr is empty, because not define.

SMVI start is own environment


Re: SMVI CLI & Environement variables


I am not sure what happened. ideally any script that works through the cli should work using SMVI pre/post script. Is the script that you have given the complete script that you were running through SMVI?