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SMVI Nightly Snapshot Job Failing

Hey there I am on SMVI 1.2 R1.  And every night it snapshots all the vm's on 3 volumes.  A total of 40 or so vm's.  It never fails though each night some servers come back and say.....

2009-11-20 01:00:56,133 WARN - VMware Task "CreateSnapshot_Task" for entity "Server 1" failed with the following error: Operation timed out.
2009-11-20 01:00:56,164 ERROR - VM "Server 1" will not be backed up since vmware snapshot create operation failed.

It is never the same server each night.  And on top of this some servers still leave the smvi snapshot in snapshot manager in VMWare's VI.  I have to manually go in and check each server then delete that snapshot if it's still there.

Any ideas please?  Thanks

Re: SMVI Nightly Snapshot Job Failing

I'd probably recommend splitting the single schedule up into multiple -- what you're most likely running into is timeouts on the VirtualCenter/vCenter end when creating so many VMware snapshots (as creating VMware snapshots are fairly intensive).