SMVI Restore

I'm trying to restore a VM and it appears to be taking forever.  It's been

3 hours now.  It's not a big server by any means.  It's 30 gig max.  Just enough for 2003 OS and some AV stuff as it's the parent AV server.

I wondered if the job hosed and tried to run the repait again.  Says it's in use, I stopped and started smvi service, still in use.  Reverint to a snapshot in VMWare's VI doesn't take this long at all.  Am I doing something wrong?

PS I am on SMVI 1.2 SP1 still.  We have ESX 3.5 and ONTap

Re: SMVI Restore

Well whatever half arsed state the netapp restore of the vm was in I don't know, but the smvi snapshot became available under the VI's snapshot

manager so I simply reverted to that snapshot the vmware way and it seems to be working.

Between this and the nightly snap job failing because of one or two servers timing out I'm not sure what we spent money on.  Perhaps 2.0 will help?