SMVI Retention

Hi Friendz,

I just wanted to know the working of SMVI snapshot .when does the previous snapshot be removed ,is that be during the next backup trigger or next backup completion or after a retention period completion...?

Reason for this question is ,we had a retention policy of 1 day, customer requested for restore, backup failed during that day no snapshots are available there to do a restore.



Re: SMVI Retention

First thing to check - are there any snapshots on this volume when looking directly on the filer?

SMVI Retention

no there is no snapshot ...that is the thing wanted to check the concept of snapshot.

Re: SMVI Retention

I believe SMVI invokes a process in the background, from time to time, to search through the old backups and delete them based on their retention, I do not believe it is based on when the backup runs.

This is one reason to not use 'days', and use number of snapshots for retention...