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SMVI snapshots

The title is not exactly reflective of what I am trying to ask -

When a SMVI backup job runs it creates snapshots of the VM's on the datastores it is backing up, these snapshots aren't cleaned up until the job completed.

This is fine if the job completes, but I have been experiencing a problem whereby one VM is preventing the job from either continuing or completing. This means that these snapshots continue to grow until such time that I restart the vmware vcenter server service - this seems to kill the smvi job.

The main problem I have with all of this is that one vm has the potential to cause a lot of pain, if the job doesnt complete and the snapshots grow large enough to use up all the free space in the volume.

Is there some way to set a timeout on a job or at a vm level? (running vsc 2.0)


Re: SMVI snapshots


You can clean up these jobs by using this script



Re: SMVI snapshots

thanks for that.