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SNMP Errors

Hi All,

I have seen a couple of threads on this issue but, unfortunately, they haven't been able to recitfy the issue for me.

So, IHAC running a 2040 on DOT (can't run 8 because of a snapmirror relationship to a 2020), and they are seeing the below message on the CLI every few minutes:

[f<hostname> snmp.agent.resp.failed:warning]: Could not send response to host :<ip address> : reason : Failure could be due to either DNS/gateway misconfiguration or takeover/giveback in progress

I have tried to get them to set up a static route for this host by running route add <host_ip> <gateway> 1 but they get a message of "Entry already exists"

Anyone have any suggestions??



SNMP Errors

Hi There,

Looks like you are on the right track.  According to NOW the corrective action is:

"Check your network configuration, primarily the DNS and gateway setup. The SNMP send response might also fail if a takeover/giveback was in progress or a forced reboot was performed"

You might also check DNS entries to ensure there are proper forward and reverse entries for the destination.  Failing that is cf enabled with SSI?