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SNMP Free Space Monitoring

Customer is asking me if we can monitor for free space in a volume via SNMP?  They are using a tool called PRTG to monitor their environment.


Do anyone know if ONTAP’s SNMP capability allow them to view free space in a volume?


Re: SNMP Free Space Monitoring

I never heard of PRTG before, but I am monitoring volumes and snapshot size using nagios.

Re: SNMP Free Space Monitoring

What SNMP traps are you using for volume free/used space?

Re: SNMP Free Space Monitoring

I am not using any traps, but plain monitoring. Every once in a while (5 min) nagios check the status of volumes.

This is the plugin I am using :

Re: SNMP Free Space Monitoring

Percent free space is .

Absolute free space is a combination of two OIDs, as NetApp does not seem to have discovered 64 bit counters.

. (Low Available bytes) and . (High Available Bytes)

And more aggravatingly, NetApp returns these as signed integers, when they are not.

So you have to correct to get the actual value, depending on whether the first bit is set or not.

So to get Free Space:


And another issue - the indexes of Volumes change fairly regularly, if you add/remove volumes.

To avoid all these hassles, we use which automates all the volume discovery, the index changes, the space calculations, and gives latency per volume and other stuff not available through SNMP.

Re: SNMP Free Space Monitoring

User NetApp Performance Monitor and NetApp Unified Manager, it does 99% of all monitoring and its free!

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