SNMP MIB only has two field name, right ?

Our customer is  asking me about NetApp SNMP MIB. They found NetApp MIB only has 2 field name,  one is product serial name, the other is description. They would like to confirm  if this specification can not be changed to provide more field name with more  information. Can you help me to confirm who can give me the  firmed answer for customer.


Clive Chiang

Re: SNMP MIB only has two field name, right ?

Hi Clive,

A MIB file is just a documentation of what objects are supported by a device. Changing it has no impact on what the device supports.

The NetApp MIB contains many more objects (50 or more). Not sure what the customer means by “only two fields”. The MIB file can be seen here:



Re: SNMP MIB only has two field name, right ?

By two fields are you talking about two varbinds?

The trap definitions in the netapp.mib state that each message will be comprised of two varbinds:

"OBJECTS {productTrapData, productSerialNum}"

In my experience productTrapData contains the message payload about the alerting event and productSerialNum contains the serial number of the Filer.

To the best of my knowledge the varbind structure cannot be changed but I'm not an SNMP guru.

The only customization you can do it create your own traps but the basic object structure of the trap needs to follow the structure outlined above (again to the best of my knowledge).