SNMP and Snapshots

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if it is possible to use snmp (custom traps) to get the amount of snapshots per volume?


Hans Oele

Re: SNMP and Snapshots

You should be able to get this info using the following found in the traps.dat

slVNumber                                snmp.

####explanation found in netapp.mib####

    slVNumber                       OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX                          Integer32
        MAX-ACCESS                      read-only
        STATUS                          current
            "Number of snapshots for this volume / aggregate."

Re: SNMP and Snapshots

Hi Allen,

Thanks for you're response.

I tried it and I know that I'm sort of a noob on the snmp part so excuse me for that.

When I execute the snmp get on our netapp I get the following


SNMP> g = (null)
SNMP> g = (null)

Don't know if you can give me a hint or a link to some extra info maybe.

The reason I want this is to let the monitoring tools report an event as soon as there are 250 snapshots on a volume. So that in case of a failure to remove snapshots or any other reason the support team can take any actions to solve the issue. Now the only thing I have are event messages as soon as it is to late.

Kind regards,


P.s. the o is a lun with snapshots on it.

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Re: SNMP and Snapshots

Hi Hans,

Here is a kb from the NOW site that explains the setup of the snmp traps.