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SSD performance

Hello all

Each controller (FAS6280) of our Metrocluster has one 2TB Flash Cache, one SSD Aggregate (18 Disk, no FlashPool) and one SAS Aggregate (180 Disk).

The results of different performance tests (NetApp SIO) are showing that the SAS Disks are as fast or faster as the SSD. Is this possible? I thought that the performance on SSD should be much better than SAS.

Test Result:

Is it possible that the Flash Cache is serving the read requests also for SSD? Can I disable the Flash Cache on the SSD Aggregate?

Thanks for your help.



Re: SSD performance

As far as i remember - Flashcache does not cache aggregates with SSDs in.

Re: SSD performance

Hello Colin

You're right for FlashPools but I couldn't find any information regarding SSD aggregates.

Re: SSD performance

While testing, monitor the usage of FlashCache with this command:

stats show -p flexscale-access

and you will see if you are serving data from the FlashCache. Please also keep in mind the size of the aggregates. You are comparing 18 disk aggregate against 180 disks aggregate and you are getting the same performance. That is the usage of the SSD

Re: SSD performance

Hello Aleksandar

I didn't think about monitoring the FlashCache while testing, I should do it as soon as possible.

Concerning the size of the aggregates, you're right 18 disk are less than 180 disk. But if I compare the IOPS of both disk types, SSD (50000 per disk) SAS (175 per disk), then I should be a lot more faster on the SSD aggregate.

Re: SSD performance

Yes, but those are just indicative numbers. If you have access to the Storage Performance Modeler you can compare the both aggregates.

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Unfortunately I don't have access to the Storage Performance Modeler. I did one more test today, I could verify that data are not read from Flash Cache on the SSDs. Last week I had an average IOPS of 50000, today I reached 82000 with the same number of disks.

Re: SSD performance

Are there any updates on this topic?


We have experienced the same when in using SSD (8 SSD disk, raid-dp) aggr, and SAS (110 disks )& SSD (1T flash pool) hybrid aggr, the perofmrance about the same as said by the poster. Any explainations on why please?

Re: SSD performance

Re: SSD performance



Any update on this?