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SVM DR Issue

Having a strange issue with one SVM that I'm trying to set up for SVM DR.


When trying to do a resync on the destination side (convert existing DP mirrors to SVM DR relationship) it gives me this error:


Error: command failed: Cannot enable symlink properties for CIFS share "admin$" because enabling symlink properties for a non-data share is not supported.


Strangely, the admin$ share does have symlink-properties set to enable on the source SVM.


Vserver: vserver1
Share: admin$
Path: /
Share Properties: browsable
Symlink Properties: enable


I don't know how it got that way because it appears you shouldn't be able to even turn it on in the first place. It won't let me modify it to "disable" instead.


Any ideas how to get past this or disable symlink properties on admin$?




Re: SVM DR Issue

better to open a case for it

Cannot find the answer you need?  No need to open a support case - just CHAT and we’ll handle it for you.