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SVM migrate to new node

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Is there any facility in ONTAP that allows the movement of an SVM from one node to another within the same cluster?


I have considered SVM-DR but this requires the destination SVM to have a different name, which I would like to avoid.





Re: SVM migrate to new node

SVM is logical collection of resources; it is not associated with any specific node.

Re: SVM migrate to new node

That's right, you might just be trying to move the volumes in an SVM to a different node. You can do that non-disruptively with the volume move start command, or by right-clicking in System Manager and choosing Move. The only disruption would be a brief one for volumes used in a CIFS server during cutover.

Re: SVM migrate to new node

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Are there any considerations for the root volume of the SVM?


The current nodes holding the svm root volume will be removed from the cluster.


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Re: SVM migrate to new node

There aren't any special considerations per se for the root volume other than availability and proximity to your data volumes.  If you have a aggregate that's prone to going inconsistent or in danger of filling up, you probably don't want to put your SVM root there because your namespace/junction path for the SVM will go offline when you lose access to the aggregate.  Figure out what node/aggregate is going to store the data volumes and co-locate your root with them.  Then you can retire the nodes/aggregates that currently host the SVM root volume without disruption.


There's lots of healthy debate out there about indirect I/O (i.e. the LIF serving the data isn't on the node/aggregate hosting the data - data traffic crosses the cluster network) but rather than getting into that whole can of worms, make sure you relocate your data LIF off to the node/aggregate you're moving the data to as well.  Don't want to get everything migrated over to other nodes in your cluster and then shut down the HA pair that hosts your LIF.  All operations have proven to be non-disruptive for us (pay attention to the previous poster concerning CIFS).


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Re: SVM migrate to new node

One other comment on root volumes - they can be moved just like any other volume without issue. I've moved my root volumes several times to different aggregates with no ill effects.