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Service Processor Ctrl+D HANG

When I login to the Service Processor it shows me below please help


sp reboot - reboot the SP
sp status - print SP status information
sp update - update Service Processor firmware
sp uptime - display service processor uptime

SP netappctrl2> sp status
Firmware Version: 1.2.3
Mgmt MAC Address: 00:A0:98:1A:4E:CC
Ethernet Link: Up
Using DHCP: no
IPv4 configuration:
IP Address:
IPv6 configuration: Disabled
SP netappctrl2>
SP netappctrl2> system console
Type Ctrl-D to exit.


Re: Service Processor Ctrl+D HANG



I am guessing the problem statement is - When you do ctl+D (to exit from system console) it freezes ?


Some pointers for your investigation.


SP output looks ok, but does not really help us identify the cause for 'freeze/hang'.


However, it is important to understand the internal connectivity of SP, this page has a pictorial representation of that.


Please note : (For 7-mode FAS In general) SP & e0M both are connected to the same Internal Ethernet switch and common ethenet port. Therefore, both SP & e0M must be on the same subnet.


filer>ifconfig -a [Look for e0M interface , note down the IP]
e0M: IP


You already know the SP IP:


Question : Compare, are both on the same subnet?

Very nicely explained here by 'andris' about SP,e0M & wrench port and their requirements:



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