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Setting retention date for SnapLock files (Windows)


If anyone has 1st hand experience with WORM data, I'd really appreciate a crash course in successfully setting the retention date for select files - and commiting them to WORM state - in Windows environment.

I've tried this on the ONTAP simulator once but it didn't work well. After setting the Compliance clock, I've created a SnapLock aggregate -> volume -> share and coped some files in there. After that, I installed Touch 2.11 in order to set Last-access Time attribute for those files to a certain date, usually 2-3 days in the future, and made the files Read-Only. Surely enough, it went to WORM state. Couldn't be altered or deleted, just made accessible. After a couple of days, judging by the Compliance Clock, the retention date expired and I  should've been able to delete the files - but I couldn't. I checked NOW for useful informationon this, but found very little.

I'm quite intereted to hear which procedures you use to set retention dates and commit files to WORM state. Which utilities are best for the job? Is there a best practice guideline?

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Re: Setting retention date for SnapLock files (Windows)

Re: Setting retention date for SnapLock files (Windows)

Thanx for the info Watan, I've seen these KBs before. In fact that's what I used as a guideline... But, I've reinstalled the Simulator and now everything works perfectly. Must've been a glitch somewhere.