Setup Snapmirror multipath/Failover


I would like to setup snapmirror multipath/failover on my simulator 8.0. Can anyone provide me procedure/ doc for setting up snapmirror multipath.

I tried configuring multipath but failed. Below is snapmirror.conf entries.

netapp-02> rdfile /etc/snapmirror.conf

netapp-01=fail(netapp-01 netapp-source) netapp-01:test_vol netapp-02:sync_vol * * * *


e0a interface -- netapp-01 is hostname -- IP Address

e0c interface -- netapp-source is hostname -- IP Address

I configured two IP's on e0a, e0c on primary filer and made communication between these two. My intention is when primary interface(e0a) goes down, from secondary interface(e0c) the data should transfer to destination filer. I'm in a confusion how to make entries in snapmirror.conf file. I made entries in snapmirror.conf file which given above.

Then I initialized snapmirror, while the data is transferring I brought down the primary  interface (e0a). The failover is not happening and the transfer was stopped. Below is the output of snapmirror status.

netapp-02> snapmirror status

Snapmirror is on.

Source                Destination           State          Lag        Status

netapp-01:test_vol    netapp-02:sync_vol    Uninitialized  -          Transferring  (231 MB done)

can anybody sched light on this and suggest where am doing mistakes?



Re: Setup Snapmirror multipath/Failover

The syntax is wrong; where have you got it from?

Procedure to enable SM multipath is documented in Online Backup and Recovery Guide for your Data ONTAP version.