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Sharepoint index backup


Please teach me the backup of index in the SMMOSS environment.

1.When Sharepoint index up to date restores SQL data old, is the next Sharepoint crawl OK in incremental crawl?
Or, is full crawl necessary?

2.When the backup of index is acquired while the crawl of Sharepoint is executed, is the correspondence maintained?

Do after restoring the index though full crawl is necessary?Or, is it increment crawl?

Because the consulting of MS says that it will take 240 hours to full crawl in the user environment.




Re: Sharepoint index backup

Hi Masaru-san,

Here are the answers: -

1. Yes a FULL crawl is needed in this case for an accurate search index. However, since the latest search index could possibly still have the keywords from the older content, search may still work. Incase the content in the older backup was deleted and an incremental crawl was done after that, search may not return accurate results.

2. There are two ways in which consistency of the search index is guaranteed in a backup. Firstly, the search service is paused while the LUN on which the search index is kept is snapshotted. This pause in crawl activity is maintained throughout the backup job. Secondly, the search db is also snapshotted as a part of backing up the search services. Again, both the search db and index are restored as a single unit.