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Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR) 6.0 tool not working with Snapvault and Exchange 2010

We have created our Exchange 2010 fcp based LUNs in qtrees as pre the best practice guide.

The disk-to-disk backup archival feature in SME requires that the Exchange database files, log files, and
SnapInfo directory be placed on QTree LUNs. This requirement arises from the design of the SnapVault®
technology. Since many organizations do not plan backup archival as a part of the initial deployment, it
might save time and effort later on, especially in the provisioning cycle, if this suggestion is followed.

Best Practice
Place database and transaction log files on QTree LUNs. In addition, place the Exchange log folder and
SnapInfo folder together on a QTree LUN.

This works fine and we have created the Snapvaults {link} and backups are working fine.  The problem is we can not recover the data which has been snapvaulted using the SMBR as the default behavior is:

At the snapvault destination, sorce volumes become qtrees and qtrees become directories in qtrees.

When I use Snapdrive 6.0.2 on the recovery server to mount the LUNs in the snapvault destination, it can not find the LUN in the qtree/directory.  We have to use SMBR frequently, any ideas to recover the data without having to restore everything back to the primary server?




Re: Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR) 6.0 tool not working with Snapvault and Exchange 2010


The instructions in are correct and our system is now working.  The problem was this is a new implentation but as we use a naming convention the pilot system which has been removed has some how caused problems with the new system.

Resolved by

Destination System

  • snapvault stop destination_filer:/vol/flexvol/qtree
  • Repeat for each 'problem' qtree

Source System

  • snapvault release /vol/flexvol/qtree destination_filer:/vol/flexvol/qtree
  • Repeat for each 'problem' qtree

Wait 5 minutes - Never know...

Destination System

  • Offline and distroy flexvol
  • Create new flexvol

Follow the steps in  Snapvaults of SME snaps are now being copied into a single volume and SIS can dedupe the multiple mail datastores.  It is also possible to use Snapdrive to mount flexclones of the LUNs in the snapvault archieves.

Big thanks to Dave from NetApp Professional Services team