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Slowness we are seeing 93% CP Disk usage



In our Netapp FAS3140 storage , we see slowness, herewith attached log



what we need to do


Thanks and regards



Re: Slowness we are seeing 93% CP Disk usage

This specific forum is dedicated to Data ONTAP running in a virtual machine (The product name is Edge).

I recommend opening a support case to diagnose performance problems.

Also, with many years experience diagnosing performance problems in situations with NetApp storage, please work to identify the problem with more granularity than "slowness".

NFS version 3 transfers of File X from OS Y with mount options Z used to take 10 minutes and now it takes 2 hours is a perf problem I can help resolve.

Througput/Latency as measured by specific products are things we can investigate.

"Slowness" unfortunately with a sysstat output and no client, file, and application details is too vague to resolve.

Best of luck in resolving this. NetApp support is able to assist.