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Snap Creator Windows Domino and Vmware. Restore single file?


I have snapcreator 3.6 installed. Since I don't have my files on a LUN, NFS and the snapshot is not recognized by SMVI.

What is the best way to restore single files when you use Domino, Vmware & Windows 2008r2?

Re: Snap Creator Windows Domino and Vmware. Restore single file?

Mixing VMDK c:\ files & LUN data disks does not seem to work. I can see the Domino snapshot on the LUN in snapdrive with "Inconsistent Snapshot copy"

NetApp Snap Creator Framework 3.6.0 detected that SnapDrive is not being used.

Re: Snap Creator Windows Domino and Vmware. Restore single file?


Generally speaking the Inconsistent Snapshot copy appears in a Windows environment because SnapDrive is not in use.

While Snap Creator will handle the application level consistency, SnapDrive is still needed for file system consistency.

You will need to Install SnapDrive and configure it for use.

Once you have SnapDrive installed you will need to add a Snapshot Create command to Snap Creator - In the GUI this is the last entry in the config file.

This command will consist of the Snap Creator CLI command.

An example of this command is:

"C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapDrive\SDCLI.exe" snap create -s %SNAME-%SNAP_TYPE_%SNAP_TIME -D F G H

In the above command I am taking snapshots of drives: F, G, and H.

Assuming that SnapDrive is installed in the same location as above, simply copy/paste the command and change the drive letters.

This will Snap Creator to use SnapDrive to take the Snapshot copy.

Once Snap Creator is configured this way you can use SnapDrive to mount the Snapshot copies and access the databases that you need for single file restore.

The Snap Creator Installation and Administration Guide details how to perform a single file restore in SAN environments.

If you don't already have the IAG you should be able to access it from here:

Look for the section titled "Performing single file restore with block protocols for Domino"

Hope this helps - please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Also, for future reference, please post Snap Creator questions in the Snap Creator section -

This is a very active community and posting here will ensure that your question gets answered promptly.



Re: Snap Creator Windows Domino and Vmware. Restore single file?

Good stuff.

I was missing the snapdrive cli line, now everything is "FINISHED SUCCESSFULLY" & consistent.