Snap Drive.

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What is snap drive?How it works.


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SnapDrive is a Lun Provisioning and SnapShot management application which also provides Multipathing to NetApp storage Luns over FCP and iSCSI.

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If you know little about SnapDrive, just google it & you'll get loads of info on it.

If you want to give it a try, download it from NOW site along with the Administration Guide for guidance

If you still more info, please come back & we'll surely help you out.



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The SnapDrive tool simplifies the data backup with snapshot technology, so that you can recover the data if it is

accidentally deleted or modified.It also helps in automating storage provisioning operations.

Its supported on Windows and Unix.

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Hi all

i am trying to install snapdrive but gets an error (failed to get data on tap version running on the storage system

cannot connect to host everything is working correctly the client first installed the mscs and then later on the snapdrive

please help

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This problem can occur when the filer is not in the same domain.

And this problem will not be happening during installation. You might be facing this issue while you are creating a LUN.