Snap Mirror

I'm going to use Snap Mirror to replicate our CIFS volume to another filer in a different site.  On the source filer we have a number of shares setup that point to the source volume.  Once the volume has been mirrored using snapmirror do I have to manually create the shares on the destination filer?


Re: Snap Mirror

As far as I know, they are not, as only volumes options are copied as part of Volume SnapMirror.

But CIFS share and NFS exports are stored in registry and file.

etc/exports file for NFS and dont know the name of the registry for CIFS.



Re: Snap Mirror

If you configure mirroring with Protection Manager using a DR-enabled protection policy, it will automatically copy the export information (NFS exports, CIFS shares and LUN mappings) to the DR volumes. This is done out-of-band since ONTAP does not know how to mirror these settings by itself.

Re: Snap Mirror

You could also map the filer and/or vfiler's c$ share and copy the following file:


This contains all the cifs share information.  I believe this is the registry file Adai was referring to.

Hope that helps.