Snap Shot Restore on Another filer


I have FAS 2040 as a primary and FAS 2020 as a secondary filer, and there is replication between these two filers for volumes using snap mirror.

Now, I have some issues on primary filer and my volumes has been destroyed. I recreated the volumes.

I have snap shot on secondary filer, How I can restore a volume on primary filer from the snap shot of secondary filer.



Re: Snap Shot Restore on Another filer

You will need to carry out VSM (volume snap mirror) from the secondary FAS2020 to the primary FAS2040 then break the replication bring on line and then restore the snapshot.

dont forget to verify your snapmirror.allow or legacy options to allow VSM

I would go with something like:

FAS2040> vol create newvol aggr0 100g

FAS2040> vol restrict newvol

FAS2040> snapmirror initialize -S FAS2020:oldvol FAS2040:newvol

FAS2040> snapmirror status

once mirrored

FAS2040> snapmirror quiesce FAS2040:newvol

FAS2040> snapmirror break FAS2040:newvol

FAS2040>vol online newvol

FAS2040> snap list newvol

FAS2040> snap restore newvol neededsnap