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SnapCreator Backup for Domino - Notes


Do any of you guys, know of a solution to take a consistent snapshot of Lotus Domino Notes, we have read the SnapCreator documentation, and this product/solution only delivers a online snapshot, but without the transaction logs, thereby making it non-consistent.

We have discussed moving the Notes server into the Vmware environment, but the SnapManager for VI snapshot is the same level of consistency, that the SnapCreator is doing.

Any ideas ?

Re: SnapCreator Backup for Domino - Notes


What host operating system are you running you Domino server on?

The reason I ask is we offer SnapManager for Domino (SMD) for customers running Domino on Windows.

SMD utilizes the Domino APIs for application consistent backups.

It does utilize the Domino transactional logs, but requires them to be in the Archive style.

SMD also requires the use of SnapDrive.

Hopefully this helps. 

Please feel free to reply or email me with additional questions.