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SnapDrive with MultiStore Question

ONTAP: 7.3.2 and 8.0

Platform: Simulator

Feature: MultiStore

Protocol: iSCSI

Host OS: W2K8 R2

SnapDrive 6.2

I am finding that SDW6.2 does not detect LUNs that are presented in vFiler units when the LUN is in the vFiler "root" volume (where the /etc directory resides). Is this expected behavior?

Re: SnapDrive with MultiStore Question

The SnapDrive for Windows 6.2 admin guide lists "Do not create any LUNs in /vol/vol0. This is a storage system limitation. This volume is used by Data ONTAP to administer the storage system and should not be used to contain any LUNs."  It does not specifically state vfiler root volumes, however I would never put any data in a vfiler root volume.  I suspect if you put the lun in vfiler0 physical filer root the same issue would occur.

Re: SnapDrive with MultiStore Question

I fully support the answer of scott: I always create a "root" volume for vFiler of only some 100MB and then add anything else in a separate volume.


Re: SnapDrive with MultiStore Question


thanks for the helpful answer. I read the same notes prior to posting as well. I guess read the notes as a caution to the administrator and not as "SnapDrive will prevent any creation of LUNs or any operations on the root volume", which is what I am saw in testing - the root volume was not even being listed in SnapDrive. In the end, I would second that behavior - and would have liked to see this listed in the docs...