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SnapLock Compliance migration

Reading the manuals, it appears that if I migrate my SnapLock Compliance volumes using SnapMirror (VSM), it will preserve the metadata and as such the age of the data.

For example, if I have some existing SnapLock data that has an 8 year retention and it has been stored for 5 years, if I use SnapMirror to migrate this to a new platform, will I be able to preserve this aging? I'm not going to be in the situation of having another 8 years ontop of my already gone 5 years?

If we get this wrong, it'll cost a lot of disk


Re: SnapLock Compliance migration

Hi Chris,

Is this sorted out?

Is it possible to migrate WORM data?  Any ideas for vfilers too?

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Re: SnapLock Compliance migration

@ Chris !..As the snaplocked volumes (once initialized with the clock on the source) keeps its own clock(independent of the source system clock) and after mirroring them its gonna keep the same clock of the source volume on the destination mirrored volume as well which means you will ONLY have to wait an other 3 years for the destination volume as well as u will be waiting for the source volume retention to expire.