SnapLock and Windows Access Permissions

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we have a NetApp Snaplock Volume (SnapLock Compliance) for archiving. The Filer works in a Windows Domain via CIFS.

Now, we want to change the name of the Windows domain. Is this possible? And what I must do that the access permission of the existing files on the filer will match with the new domain (new SIDs)?

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Re: SnapLock and Windows Access Permissions


I am fairly sure you can't do anything with regards to ACLs or updating SIDs - the volume is in essence in a WORM mode (enforced by NetApp hardware), so changing anything within the volume is not doable.



Re: SnapLock and Windows Access Permissions

Unfortuntely it looks like you won't be able to do anything to change the permissions once WORM is set on the file.  The users/groups that exist on the file need to remain throughout the retention period or the file may become inaccessible.

A workaround to this prior to enabling snaplock to a volume would be to set the "Everybody" access to the files and control access from the cifs shares.

Re: SnapLock and Windows Access Permissions

Thanks for this answers!

Could it be also possible, to map the domain new user to the old user-SID?