SnapManager® 5.1 for Microsoft® SQL Server® - Backing up multiple servers


I'm a SQL DBA and I've been asked to set-up SnapManager for all of our production db's.

To get started, I've created a new test SQL Box (Windows 2008R2 SP1 Std and SQL Server 2008R2 Std). I've also installed SnapDrive 6.3.0 and SnapManger 5.1 for SQL.

The storage guys have allocated some 'mapped raw Luns'. (Userdb Lun, UserTlog Lun, tempdb Lun and systemdb Lun)

I've successfully created a new db on the original non-'mapped raw Lun' and succesffully migrated it to the new 'mapped raw Lun'. I've also tested a backup/restore.

I now want to implement 6 production SQL instances and their relating db's into SnapManager 5.1 for SQL.

The short to mid-term strategy is to keep the 6 SQL instances on their own virtual servers. The long-term plan is to migrate all db's onto 1 single instance/machine and/or create SQL Cluster.


1. In order to cover the 6 production servers, do I need to install the NetApp software on each server and then migrate to NetApp? ... Or, Can I remotely migrate/manage the 6 machines via the server that I have set-up already? (I presume that some kind of Netapp configuration is needed on each production server)

2. SQL Clustering -  Is it good practice to implement SnapManager 5.1 on a SQL Cluster?



SQL Server 2008 MCITP

Re: SnapManager® 5.1 for Microsoft® SQL Server® - Backing up multiple servers

Hi Steve,

No SMSQL expert…however based on what you are asking…

Basically yes you need install SMSQL on all nodes…however you can then configure and trigger snapshots from a central SMSQL station so you are only managing them in one place…

As for clustering…yep no problem, as far as I know its cluster aware, so should be fine.