SnapManager SQL - automatically delete log backups


I need a solution for the following problem. I do one full backup at night eg 22:30 without the retain-up-to-the-minute capability option. Over the day I do 9 transaction log backups from 6 am to 10pm (every two hours). Now I only want to keep the transaction log backups after the last full backup, so that the log backups from the previous day are being deleted. I set the delete log option to in excess of 9 so that only 9 log backups should be kept. My problem is that the snapshots of the snapinfo lun will be deleted in excess of 9 but the log backups in the snapinfo directory are kept and not deleted in excess of 9. Whats wrong?

A123456789 B123456789 C123456789 (every log backup is being kept?)

A B C123456789 (only 9 log backups after the last full backup should be retained)

Re: SnapManager SQL - automatically delete log backups

Hi Florian,

TLOG backups in the SnapInfo folder are not deleted by the TLOG retention policy. It only deletes the SnapInfo Snapshots.

The reason for this is because deleting TLOG backups can lead to a state where up-to-the minute or Point-In-Time recovery can be hampered.

Think of a situation where you take 2 FULL backups and one of these fails verification. SMSQL will then retain both the FULL backups.

In this case you may need older TLOG backups.


Sourav Chakraborty.

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