SnapManager SQL - "Cross-Server" Restore

Hi, all,

i have a question regarding the restore of a sql server database using snapmanager sql.


We have two windows sql server systems. For each of those servers, databases are hosted on independent netapp storage.

Windows Server A

NetApp Storage A

Windows Server B

NetApp Storage B

As to SMSQL 6.0 admin guide, it's only possible to restore a sql database to "different server [... but only... ] (on same host)".

I now tried to find a way to restore (no detach/attach)  a sql database (with SMSQL) from a snapshot of sql server/netapp storage A to sql server/netapp storage B.

IMHO this should be possible too..?!

Do you have any idea ?



Re: SnapManager SQL - "Cross-Server" Restore

Hi Christian,

Normally SMSQL will use LUN (or VMDK) cloning for a restore operation, so no, you cannot restore to a different storage system.

Stream-based restore (basically reading snapshot content & writing it somewhere else) is used when multiple databases share the same LUN (VMDK) & only a subset is marked for restore. Whilst I can imagine a possibility of restoring to a different storage system, I severely doubt SMSQL supports it.