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Does the SnapManager for Sharepoint bundle come with SnapManager for SQL? The documentation states that to perform the migration you need to use SnapManager for SQL.


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I suppose the better question would be has anyone installed/used the SnapManager for Sharepoint product? How did you perform the migration?

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I've now performed a SMOSS install. Here's some useful licensing info:

  • - SMMOSS licensing depends on the SMMOSS license, SMSQL license, SDW license and SnapRestore license

  • - Every installation of SMMMOSS needs 1 SMSQL license.
  • - Every installation of SMSQL needs 1 SDW license and 1 SnapRestore license in turn.

  • - In the "per server" licensing mode, SMSQL needs 1 license per SQL Server instance for both clustered and non-clustered installations of the SQL Server instance.
  • - In the "per filer" licensing mode, SMSQL needs 1 license per filer.

  • - SDW uses the per server license mode.

  • - SnapRestore is a Data ONTAP component and has to be licensed per filer.

  • - Every SMMOSS license supports 1 SMMOSS Manager and 5 agents (member + control agents). Please note that SMMOSS does not support filer-side licensing for now.

  • - The SMMOSS solution bundle comes with 1 SMMOSS license, 1 SMSQL license and 1 SDW license.
  • - The "NetApp Select" package comes with 1 SMMOSS license, 1 SMSQL license, 1 SDW license and 1 SnapRestore license.

  • - SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server does not follow the NetApp licensing model and hence is not displayed in the SAP. License is in the form of a file that is embedded into the software.

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This is great info to have all in one place--thank you for putting this out there. Just in case you had not run across this best practice: if you Sharepoint SQL Server has other databases housed on it, please be sure to place your MOSS Content database in its own Vol/LUN. Your Sharepoint scheduling is likely to be much different than the typical snapshot schedules used for all your other databases--so it needs to be isolated.

I hope this helps.

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I hope you can help.... I have previously installed the 30 day TRIAL version of SMMOSS at a clients site, as they hadn't purchased the licenses in time for my implementation.  They have now purchased the Protocol license for each of the filer heads.... but as stated in your comments above the licenses are not appearing on the SAP page.  Can you tell me where I obtain the "license key" file that you mentioned?



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When you download the full installation package the license file comes with it.  You can find the file here If you accept the default installation path  C:\program files\netapp\SnapManager for Sharepoint Server\SMMOSSControl\etc.  You need to use the license manager to browse to this directory and select the “.lic” file.