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SnapManager for Exchange 2010 Error...

Hi All,

We are using SnapDrive 6.5 with SME 6.0.4 and Exchange 2010.;

I keep getting the following error in the logs when trying to perform a backup.

Error in calling VSS API: Error code = 0x80042306

Error description: VSS_E_PROVIDER_VETO

This message appears when the job has completed.

EventID 8193 appears in the Windows event log.

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine IOCTL_DISK_SET_SNAPSHOT_INFO(\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1) fails with winerror 1168.  hr = 0x80070490, Element not found.



   Processing AbortSnapshots

   Executing Asynchronous Operation


   Device: \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1

   Provider Name: Data ONTAP VSS Hardware Provider

   Provider Version: 6. 5. 0. 5474

   Provider ID: {ddd3d232-a96f-4ac5-8f7b-250fd91fd102}

   Current State: DoSnapshotSet

Any help would be appreciated, I haven't worked with SnapDrive or SnapManager before so maybe I haven't set something up correctly??



SnapManager for Exchange 2010 Error...

For reference, I have got SnapManager working now.

There was an issue with the Volumes, I have re-created all the volumes and all is working as expected.

I think it was down to creating the LUNS before the installation of SnapDrive but I'm not sure.