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SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

Intense Lighting is just one of our customers that say they have changed the way they do business with their NetApp system. One of the good things about my job is getting a little hands-on with the products, so I can keep a shred of credibility when talking with the press, analysts and our sales team.

I did a Webinar on April 2and demonstrated, live, SnapManager for Exchange and SnapManager for SQL Server. If you can't make it, you can still see the recorded demoon our site or on YouTube. It's pretty amazing to see a 75GB SQL database completely paused, flushed, snapshotted and released in about 40 seconds. The same thing happens with Exchange - and users don't even have to be disconnected!

This means backup and recovery can be shifted into the present. Want to view a copy of the database as it looked last quarter? Easy, just mount up the snapshot from that date. Want to get it offsite for disaster recovery? StoreVault Replication understands snapshots, so moving them is no big deal. It's all part of the same basic technology stack that NetApp provides that our customers say makes their lives markedly easier.


Re: SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

Getting error when taking verified snapshot:

0x800706BE The remote procedure call failed.

I can't find anything on this in knowledgebase.

Please help.

Re: SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

My apologies for potentially stating the obvious....but I'd recommend opening a support ticket on this (it's possible someone in the Communities will have run into this but as it's a pretty precise issue might take a while for an answer).

In the meantime, if you're waiting on hold to open a ticket, more details around the steps to reproduce the error would be helpful.

Re: SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

It is a .net issue.  Can;t ave 3.5 .net wit SME SVE.  Backed it down so .net 2 sp1 and it works.

Re: SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

Ah....good catch. .Net is definitely a dependency -- for what it's worth, later versions of SME do require .NET 3.0 or higher (like the install I did recently).

Re: SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

I've just recieved this same problem after installing MS update KB951847.  I've tried uninstalling .Net 3.5 and am still not having any luck.  I'm surprised that this was identified in April and there is still nothing to be found in the netapp knowledge base.

Re: SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition

Turns out there is a KB article at  Its just poorly tagged and poorly written.

The solutions suggests uninstalling and reinstalling all versions of .net and then re-installing to get mscorwks.dll to a 'differenent' version rather than 2.0.50727.3082 or 2.0.50727.2053.

I found the best solution for us was to upgrade from SME 4.0 to SME 4.0P4.