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SnapManager for SQL - Restore/Clone


Just tried to restore from an archived snapshot with snapmanager for sql (version 5.0).

On smsql 2.1.1, there was a way to unselect all databases and the transaction-logs with a right-click. Is there no way to that on version 5?

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Re: SnapManager for SQL - Restore/Clone

Hi Adrian,

Maybe a stupid question, but are these databases in separate LUNs?

I see no reason for SMSQL 5.0 not being able to do a granular restore as long as this condition is met - it still uses LUN cloning for restore purposes.


Re: SnapManager for SQL - Restore/Clone

no, but each sql-instance has it's own luns. I know that the we can not use the snaprestore functionality with this configuration.

You can still make a granular restore, but it looks like the gui has changed to the worse.

If we would like to restore a single db (from an instance that contains about 30), it's not possible to use the following function (screenshot smsql 2.1.1):

All restores I made were urgent. Would be better for me still having this functionality to only select a single database to restore (with few a clicks....).

Re: SnapManager for SQL - Restore/Clone


Stinks, doesn't it!? I asked our PS to ping the product development team about this same issue (which doens't make any sense since they have it on the backup window) and they told us that they have no plans on changing it. Then I frowned, and started figuring out how to cope. Then, although I hate wizards, I was playing around with the Restore Database Wizard (works also with the Restore Clone Wizard), and I see the following (see attachment).

Re: SnapManager for SQL - Restore/Clone

Thanks for the tip.

i cannot understand why they don't want to put that feature on the roadmap. A few lines of additional code would make the admin's life easier...