SnapManager issue after migrating LUN into Qtree


We have recently started the process of migrating our existing LUN's into Qtree's, however once migrated the SnapManager backup then fails with the following error:

(SnapDrive Error Code: 0xc00402c2)
#2 : [MAGGIE - AMCMart] Error : Failed to create snapshot [MAGGIE : AMCMart].
#2 : [MAGGIE - AMCMart] Error Details: [SnapDrive Error]: SnapDrive was unable to create a snapshot of one or more virtual disks that reside on different Storage System volumes. All snapshots that were created as part of this virtual disk snapshot operation were deleted. Please check the application event log for more details.

Looking up the error code did not show anything though the application log shows that the snapshot apparently already exists.  In the case of the above server the snapshot name is sqlsnap_maggie_recent.  Would the '_recent' snapshots have to be removed manually or are we missing a step somewhere?  The SnapMirrors had already been set up previous to the need for Qtree's and were all set up at volume level up to now.  Is this something we will have to change going forward?

Re: SnapManager issue after migrating LUN into Qtree

Turns out this is solved for us at least, by deleting the __recent snapshot as this is what it was erroring on.  The old snapshot was not being deleted and the new one could not be created as one already existed.

One to note for the future me thinks.

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